Roots Concert (Brazil)

Roots Concert (Concerto Raízes)
Youth Choir: Guri Santa Marcelina
Song: Kworo Kango


speaks of sound, voice, 

instruments, rhythm, melody….


speaks of transformation.

At the age of 7, I found joy in music.

Music stayed with me, as a connecting thread through the various stages of my path.

Music remains a truthful and safe space, a major tool, where I can observe and evaluate where I am.

Consequently, I studied and explored various techniques to liberate the body and stabilize the mind to allow and optimize artistic expression.

As a teacher, I am dedicated to find and use the best tools and appropriate means to guide my students through their own transformation and unique, artistic expression.

I am offering in Hobart and Huon Valley

Singing tuition for individuals and groups

Vocal coach for groups and choirs

Conducting and music guidance

Mentoring for all musicians, singers, teachers

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Music for all / Cygnet
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Voice Lab for Singers / Hobart

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About Me

From a young age In Brazil, I received an extensive music education. I studied piano and clarinet and had experience with orchestra and choir.

I loved the connection with my teachers, fellow students, and the music itself. Consequently, I studied conducting at the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

I decided to deepen my studies in Europe, focusing on early music and voice which led me to live and work in France and Germany for 11 years.

I obtained the Diplome d Etudes Musicales at the conservatorium of Strasbourg (France) and a Master of Music from the University of Trossingen (Germany).

My studies included vocal technique and interpretation, historically informed practiceharpsichord, and baroque theatre.

I was fortunate to study, and work professionally as a vocal coach, choir conductor, and sang with leading European figures and groups, in the world of early music.

In 2016, I returned to Brazil and worked on two important projects: Guri and Anima.

Guri is a long-standing very influential institution in Sao Paulo, which offers free music education to disadvantaged children.

Anima is a renowned musical group with 30 years of intensive research on the musical imagination of Brazil. I was invited as a soloist singer to record its last CD, Mar Anterior which establishes a dialogue between the Afro tradition of Candomble and Portuguese songs composed by the medieval King D. Dinis.

All through my training and professional life, I have pursued a deeper understanding of my self and the body, exploring practical approaches and modalities such as yoga, meditation, Biodanza and other types of therapy to help me as a person and a performer. This enables me to provide my students with many tools that allow them to access their true personal expression.

Listen to me

Los Biganos (France)

Anima (Brazil)


“My classes with Hugo have been amazing! I’ve been able to sing way better and even speak better after just a few sessions as Hugo is a very skilful teacher who can really understand what, how and where I need to focus in order to improve my singing. Apart from that, Hugo is also a great human being who can really push me forward during the sessions but always in a gentle and nice way respecting my limits in order to overcome them. To all those who are looking for a great singing teacher I highly recommend Hugo!” 

Solano Jose Domingos (Meditation teacher and healer)